Amazon Reached Record High Numbers With Prime Reading

Amazon has been upping the ante ever since it introduce its Prime program, which allows members to listen to unlimited Prime music, watch unlimited Prime movies and TV shows, and order millions of products shipped to their homes with free two day shipping.


Now Amazon is taking Prime to the next level. As of Wednesday October 6, 2016, Prime members will be able to choose from an offering of more than one thousand digital books, short works, magazines, and comic bookstall no extra charge to them through the new Prime Reading program.

Subscribers to Prime can have these free reads downloaded to any Kindle or Kindle Fire tablet, or on other non-Amazon devices through the free Kindle apps, which can be also be downloaded for free for either iOS or Android devices.


Included in the rotating selection is Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone,The Hobbit, The Man in the High Castle, and many magazines such as Sports Illustrated, National Geographic Traveler, and People.


A Prime membership costs $99 a year, and members may also choose to have the cost broken up into monthly payments, although that will add a little bit to the overall yearly cost. Prime brings many benefits to subscribers. In addition to the previously-mentioned library of movies, music, and TV episodes, it also includes access to audio books and unlimited photo storage.

Big news also hit the media when it was revealed that shares of the company hit the highest levels in the history of the company. Amazon is market value is nearing $400 billion. That puts Amazon ahead of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA), part of Warren Buffets empire, making Amazon the fourth most valuable company in the United States, right after Apple, Googles parent Alphabet, and Microsoft. (APPL,Tech30/AB100MOM/MSFT,Tech30)

If that wasn’t enough good news for founder Jeff Bezos, he and Warren Buffet are now running neck and neck in the Forbes ranking of the worlds wealthiest people. Would $67 billion make you happy? With all of Amazons success at late, its hard to imagine that Jeff Bezos isn’t happy.

More than that, analysts posit that Amazon sales could grow by leaps and bounds this year, with a predicted 28% sales increase, followed by another 20% in 2017.

With Amazon aggressively pursuing the grocery market too, the future looks bright, not only for Jeff Bezos, but for his stock holders as well. Sure, the stock will cool eventually, but until then, the sky just may be the limit.