Brad and Angelina’s Prenup Is Clear, Custody For Kids Not

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wed in 2014 after being together for 10 years, it seemed as though the world rejoiced. Fans were genuinely happy for the couple, who share six children from ages 15 to 8. Unfortunately the wedded bliss did not last, as they shocked the world with their divorce announcement in fall of this year. While many thought this was a rumor at first, it was quickly clear that this was a serious matter. There were many rumors coming to surface, including those of abuse, which only made the situation more tense between the two mega-stars.



It seems as though Brad and Angelina had taken precautions before they legally wed, creating an ironclad prenup that spelled out exactly how their combined net worth would be split upon a divorce. With this in place, sources close to the couple have said that both parties should have a clean cut financial separation. The one thing they’ll have to do in the meantime is sell the 12 properties they own together, 7 of which are Brad’s and 2 of which are Angelina’s. They’ve already sold their New Orleans property, which was over an astounding 7,600 square feet, for $4.9 million in just a short amount of time. The French mansion and vineyard they own has also been put on the market, which is likely to sell just as quickly.



So, what’s next for the couple? Although both seemingly want to end the union as soon as possible, things are never that easy with celebrity breakups. While the finances will likely be easy to figure out, the custody battle has only just begun. Rumors of Pitt’s abuse towards the children have put a rift in his relationship with them, and they are currently living with Jolie in a rented Malibu home.



After “Brangelina’s” split, many fans of the pair are wondering what’s going to happen next with their divorce. While the couple has historically keep their lives private, Angelina’s team seems to have been more public or at a minimum allowed information about the divorce to ‘leak out’ to the media.



Brad has reportedly readied himself for a big battle for joint custody. With Angelina requesting sole physical custody, the fight for joint custody can extend well into 2017 or possibly beyond. With Brad’s legal team recently filing a motion requesting all documents of the divorce and custody trial to be sealed, the information therein may contain revelations which Brad may be embarrassed about or ashamed of and he would rather not have out as public record.



If we believe the numerous reports from other media publications, Brad and Angelina are stressed and emotions have been high. For all parties involved, especially for the children, we hope this contentious break-up doesn’t get protracted and is resolved as quickly as possible.


For now we just have to wait and see how it plays out… in court.

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