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Has Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host Finally Been Found?

After Michael Strahan shockingly exited Live with Kelly, viewers of the show anxiously awaited news of who his replacement would be. Big names such as Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, and Andy Cohen have come and gone, with

Brad and Angelina’s Prenup Is Clear, Custody For Kids Not

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wed in 2014 after being together for 10 years, it seemed as though the world rejoiced. Fans were genuinely happy for the couple, who share six children from ages 15 to

Dominic Monaghan Opens Up About His Past Crushes And Lord Of The Rings

Dominic Monaghan, best known for his role as Merry in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, had a candid interview with Yahoo TV Facebook Live in which he spoke openly about the massive role, his newest projects

A Look Into SuperMansion Christmas

If you are looking for the next stop-motion villain to amuse you during Christmas look no further than Mr Skibumpers. This diabolical villain will feature in the League of Freedom’s holiday special Supermansion: War on Christmas. While

Sterling K. Brown Discusses The Power Behind His 1-2 Punch In “This Is Us” And “The People Versus O.J. Simpson”

Many actors feel that they are lucky if they manage to achieve at least a single hit TV show when it comes to their acting careers. However Sterling K. Brown is one of those actors who have