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Prince’s Estate Is Worth A Crazy Amount!

A new court filing suggests that the estate of Princ could be worth around $200 million. The popular recording artist died in April, of an overdose, and he left no known will, so the superstar’s sister and

How To Win Big In The Young Entrepreneurs Industry

There is always room for new blood, especially in the world of entrepreneurs. The next generation of creativity takes the globe into new ages, which is why the need for great thinkers is always present. Unfortunately it

How to Explain Textbook Buyback to Your Boss

Textbook buyback is a very important topic for today’s students who need every possible opportunity to save money. With the textbook buyback process, students can sell their used textbooks in a brick-and-mortar store or online and purchase

How to Master Making Money in 6 Simple Steps

Of course, the topic of making money is on everyone’s mind. So how then do you make money if it’s already been done? Simple, do it for yourself and do the best that you can do to

The Best Kept Secrets About How To Dress First Day Of Work

Fashion writer and expert at large Kristyn Schiavone has recently published an e-book entitled “Career Chic For Young Professionals” that acts as a guide for remaining stylish yet professional. By maintaining your best looks in the business