FaceBook Making It Easier To Donate

It’s the season of giving, and that’s why FaceBook has joined in on the fun. The goal is to help charities set up a way to collect funds and for users to get the money to those who require it most. FaceBook has set up a way for these charities to set up pages so they can ask for donations and have the funds go through FaceBook. It will act as a way for the social media giant to act as a wonderful, trustworthy solution.
There are over 750,000 charities that are going to be onboard for this initiative. It is one of the ways Facebook is hoping to reach out to the masses and get them to donate.


Direct Payment

It’s important for a person to know their funds won’t get funneled into the wrong hands as that can be a major issue for some. To ensure that doesn’t take place, a direct payment route is set up. The funds will go straight to the charity without a cent being diverted to a middleman.

The only cost will come in the form of fraud protection for the system being run.


Separate Group Messages

If the goal is to set up a little way of fundraising money, a group chat can be set up too. It goes a long way in making sure the word gets out and people know what is taking place. Being able to send separate messages is one of the most important things for a person that is progressing forward.

You will enjoy donating to a good cause, and it’s going to feel secure as well.



For those who are in the group and have not donated, the group leader will be able to send a little nudge in their direction to let them know it is time to donate. This is set up so there is a limit to how many times a person can do it. This will ensure the charity can continue to get donations for as long as it is up.

The goal is to help all 750,000 charities get the word out and have a successful campaign once they have set up a page on FaceBook.

Anyone that is looking to create a page will be able to do so through FaceBook. It’s an easy process similar to creating a page for one’s group.

This is a unique way of getting into the holiday spirit and should catch on.

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