Google Introduces New Technology

Early October of 2016 has been a big time for Google. In order to begin the buzz for their latest and greatest upcoming products, they held an event in the tech savvy capitol of San Francisco wherein two different Pixel smartphones were unveiled alongside a new entry in the burgeoning world of VR headsets and the Chromecast Ultra, a promising streaming device. The phones in particular are the first to be completely Google branded. Needless to say, this range of products is sure to move the entire electronics marketplace into a whole new territory.


The Pixel Smartphone Line

First up are the immensely exciting Pixel smartphones. At present, there are two different models: a 5 inch variety that will initially retail for $649 and a 5.5 inch model (known as the Pixel XL) with a heftier $769 price tag. Savvy consumers will recognize these price points from their iPhone 7 counterparts. It goes without saying that Google is poising themselves as a direct competitor to Apple in the smartphone department.

Each of the models has 4 gigabytes of RAM, impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processing, fingerprint sensors for heightened security, and a rear facing 12 megapixel camera. The Pixel branding itself is carried over from Google’s Chromebook products. As for the operating system, the phones will run the fairly new Android 7.1 Nougat.

Other promising features include the Google Assistant, a fully AI assistant feature not dissimilar from Windows 10’s Cortana. Unlimited photo storage will also be available to consumers. Upon first impression, it appears many will be jumping at the chance to give the devices a try.


The Chromecast Ultra

Streaming is undoubtedly the future of entertainment media. Google is continuing its support of the trend in a big way with the Chromecast Ultra. The existing model has already sold 30 million units. The latest variety will have full 4K streaming available for an incredibly affordable $69 price tag. You can use the Chromecast to stream anything from a connected phone or computer.


Daydream VR Headset

Another big aspect of the future of all entertainment media looks to be centered around VR headsets. There has been a lot of talk about various models over the last few years. Google’s is the Daydream View. It works alongside a smartphone that is paired up with a remote that allows full control over the screen.