How Husbands Should Treat Their Pregnant Wives

Though child bearing is one of the most serene occurrences of our world, it has both its ups and downs. Getting pregnant can be a very stressful experience. This will be made much worse if the woman is a full time mother and worker. Most men are usually clueless about their wives’ plight, making this period even more stressful for their wives.

If your wife is pregnant, it would do you good to take some things into consideration. Some behaviors will be insensitive and thus inappropriate. Others on the other hand would be very welcome. Your aim should be to make things better, not worse.


When dealing with a pregnant wife, never ask her why she seems so tired all the time. Her body is in the process of creating a whole other body. This is a very tiresome job, not to mention, as the pregnancy progresses, the baby will get heavier, causing the mother more exhaustion. Instead you can ensure you gas the car for her. You do not have to tell her that you do so though. You do not need a pat on the back.

It is also very unwise to ever call on your pregnant wife for something that she forgot to do. At the moment, she is exhausted and sick. Her hormones are acting up and criticizing her will only contribute to annoying her. Instead, you could politely inquire whether she did it and if not offer to do it yourself.


While you are at it, a ladies out for your wife can also be a great idea. Your wife needs time with her friends so that she can take a break. It also gives her time to commiserate with other women who have been in the same situation. You may try your best to be understanding, but they already understand.


For once, you can ask your wife what she would like to have for dinner, and then actually make the dinner. It does not have to be 5 star worthy, just good enough. Get in the habit of asking what your wife wants. This way, you will find yourselves understanding each other better all through the pregnancy period and even after.

Pregnancies are very unpredictable situations. Anything can happen in a blur. As thus, it would be advisable to check on your wife every once in a while. You can call her or just send a text message. Your wife will definitely appreciate this.

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