A Look Into SuperMansion Christmas

If you are looking for the next stop-motion villain to amuse you during Christmas look no further than Mr Skibumpers. This diabolical villain will feature in the League of Freedom’s holiday special Supermansion: War on Christmas. While fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the second season of the Avengers inspired show, Matt Senriech and Keegan-Michael Key have been talking about the Christmas special.


While the creators are no strangers to Christmas specials they have decided to take on a different approach to the myth of St Nicholas. The team has dug into the logistics of having to deliver all the presents and the stress that would create on Santa. The humor of the show is based on turning strange worlds into the mundane, or as mundane as a stressed Santa Claus attacking Titanium Rex will ever be.

For both Senriech and Key, the joy of the special is not that they are allowed to play around with the idea of Christmas, but rather exploring what it means to the characters. In the special they are allowed to see how the characters will interact, whether or not they like the holiday and if they have any traditions.

In the episode, the Captain America inspired American Ranger has to contend with his first multicultural holiday season. This position puts him in the place of comedian because he is an innocent character according to Key. It is left to Sgt. Agony and Jewbot to try and explain to Ranger what happened to the traditions of the past that he is used to.


In the special, you will see a lot of complexity to Ranger’s character, which you might not expect from a stop-motion figure. Key states that he came from an America that does not exist anymore and has to deal with a culture which is completely different to what he knows. He also states that it is fascinating to see how he adjusts to a world that is no longer working as he thinks it should.

The link between Ranger and Captain America is one that Key is happy to have. He has stated that as a child Captain America’s shield was the coolest weapon he could find in the superheroes that were active. However, the shield lost to Wolverine when Key started watching and reading more X-Men comics.


The Christmas special SuperMansion: War on Christmas will be available on Crackle to stream from December 8.

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