Sterling K. Brown Discusses The Power Behind His 1-2 Punch In “This Is Us” And “The People Versus O.J. Simpson”

Many actors feel that they are lucky if they manage to achieve at least a single hit TV show when it comes to their acting careers. However Sterling K. Brown is one of those actors who have managed to double his fortune by attaining scenes in two extremely well-received series in this year. He plays the role of Randall Pearson in NBC’s “This Is Us” and Christopher Darden in the FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson.”


In the honor of him beating these casting odds he goes onto tell us about his fantastic year and what it meant to take home a winged trophy. He also reveals what attracted him to these characters and how he was able to bring each of the characters to life while on screen.

In an interview he answers the following questions:

In your acting career you have been around scoring credits for over 10 years from fans of Army Wives, Pearson of Interest, Supernatural and Third Watch. But you have certainly moved up in 2016. Do you feel that you have broken your previous ceiling when it comes to professional acting?

He feels that it has been an extremely good year and the recognition level that comes from his work done so far this year has surpassed anything he has done so far up till now. In January 2015 he remembers preparing for the audition for People v. O.J. and how he thought the character was pretty interesting. After the audition he was convinced that he had not gotten the part and only heard back about the role in April 2015 and was truly shocked to find out he was the only one who was called back to play the part.


Did Your role In “The People v. O.J. Simpson” Assist You In getting Your Role “In This Is Us”

The chance for this role became available straight after the O.J. role. He states that the producers were really excited to meet with him due to the fact they became familiar with his previous work on O.J. He believes this opportunity has opened new doors for his acting career. He goes onto say that before these two roles he always had to prove that he was able or good enough for a role. He now feels that people greet him more openly and that they are aware of what he is capable of.


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