Super Mario’s Creator Explains How Super Mario Run Will Reach a New Generation

Since Mario’s debut, the character has appeared in over 200 different games. Because of this, it has become an International phenom/icon. Never before has Mario graced the smartphone or tablet space. Now, that is all changing. Mario is coming to your smartphone as long as you have an iOS device. Launching in December 2016, Super Mario Run, will make Mario the character more accessible than ever with millions of potential smartphone users. Below, we will be going over how this game works and how it will make the game have the ability to reach a brand new audience.

Super Mario Run:

1. The Basics.

Super Mario Run is actually not your typically Mario game. While a typical Mario game will allow you to manipulate the Mario character with a controller and various control schemes, this particular game is only going to allow you to control how the character jumps. The primary reason for this is because it will allow people to be able to play the game while completing other tasks as they normally use their phones. This will not only make it accessible to those that are busy during commutes and various other activities, but it is also going to make it a lot friendlier to new audiences and first time gamers. This is very important considering the game itself will be available in over 150 countries this year. This is compared to traditional console type experiences and games which are primarily relegated to around 30 countries worldwide. This is why they designed the game to be as accessible as possible.


2. Toad Rally.

Because you can use tickets that you get from World Tour, you will be able to compete against your friends previous records which can help keep the game entertaining for those that have played it for quite some time. In order to challenge a friend, you can simply text and/or email them directly from the game or even do it through Facebook or Twitter. The main objective of this game is to beat your friends time and to earn bragging rights and earn more toads to join your personal kingdom.


3. Kingdom Builder.

This game also features an in game kingdom builder which allows you to essentially create your own unique Mario kingdom. This allows gamers to have the ability to create their own versions of the kingdom maps that are found in every single Mario game.


Overall, this game makes Mario more accessible than ever and is expected to be a huge hit for both Nintendo and Apple when it is officially launched.

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