Taylor Momsen Moves Forward With Music And Acting Career

For the most part, aspiring musical artist hope to get famous, earn a lot of money, and enjoy the power that fame comes with. So, what do you do when you have been famous since your childhood years and have enjoyed a self-indulging lifestyle your entire teenage years? For Taylor Momsen, you dedicate your life to something you love.


The 23-year-old Taylor Momsen has already experienced fame and money that came with her acting career. She started acting at the age of seven with her acting career peaking in 2007 when she played Jenny Humphrey in the Hit series Gossip Girls. She had also made a successful foray into modeling becoming a success at IMG. This was all before she gave it all up in pursuit of success in a music career. She gave up her acting and modeling careers for rock ‘n’ roll.


Taylor was 15 when she formed her band and only 16 when they released their first album, Light Me Up. At the time, many considered her as a loose cannon. She dressed very provocatively and was, in the true sense of the words, rebellious. She displayed her sexuality on stage, attracting throngs of followers. Off-stage, she engaged in all sorts of behaviors that keep teenage girls’ parents awake all night.


Speaking to Yahoo Music, she has admitted to being shocked by her dressing code during the onset of her musical career. However, she reckons that she was certainly honest at the time, regardless of her dress code. She further delves into the matter by stating, “I was young, and I think it was good that we got that out of our systems in the beginning.”

Regardless of her antics helped her build a successful career in music or not, she is growing strong, year in- year out. The release of her band’s third album – Who You Selling For – is a testament to her growth and development as a recording artist. The album itself debuted at #13 on the Billboard album charts. Additionally, the lead single, “Take Me Down,” peaked at #1 on the rock chart.

Who You Selling For is characterized by propulsive hard rock rhythms and bluesy guitar, much the same as the band’s previous album – Going To Hell. However, she has since moved on from the provocative and controversial self and chooses to focus on her music. As she reckons, she has sold her soul to rock ‘n’ roll, and she has given everything to her music.

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