True Pregnancy Stories That Are Strange

Have you ever heard the story about a woman who had non-stop hiccups during the last five months of being pregnant. She even had the hiccups through the delivery. In the case of this woman’s hiccups doctors suggest that it was caused by pregnancy hormones that were slightly out of control. The hormones that operate on relaxing ligaments and muscles in the body to assist the delivery process seemed to work hard on the woman’s diaphragm that caused it to spasm. Below are a few more strange tales about pregnancy.

The Labor That Would Not Come To An End

Every labor seems like it is an extremely lengthy process and some are much longer when compared to others. However one woman had an extremely long labor that seemed like it would never end. This woman went into labor at 9pm on a Monday night whereby she only progressed from 1 centimeter to 5 centimeters by the following evening. She went to the hospital on the Wednesday morning were the doctors found she was 10 centimeters dilated.

After this nothing happened and even though she continued to have extremely painful contractions every couple of minutes this continued for an additional 7 hours. By Wednesday afternoon she finally felt the need to push and after 45 minutes she finally gave birth to a large 9 pound 15 ounce healthy boy.


Drive Through Delivery

This mom went into labor with her second child after calling on her midwife she started to prepare to go to the hospital which was about 45 minutes away. On the way to the hospital in the back of the family’s minivan the woman told her midwife and her husband that she was unable to wait any longer. The midwife who was driving the van stopped the vehicle and jumped into the back to assist with the delivery. The baby was born and despite this unconventional delivery the baby and mother were both healthy and back home after spending one night in the hospital.


Twins Born in Different Years

In the majority of cases twin will begin their life from outside of the womb within minutes of one another. But there are cases were twins can be born either days or even months apart. One such case a woman went into labor and gave birth to her 1st twin in the mid part of October 1994. The first baby was about 15 weeks premature and had to spend 81 days in intensive-care. The second twin came 14 weeks later in 1995 and was healthy enough to go home the very next day.


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